so Happy you found us

Tamara Malas provides quality designs that will last for years. Forget everything you’ve settled for in the past. We center our collections on true inspiration, imbuing every design with a distinct personality. Irreverent, witty, and fashion-forward, every collection will offer unique statement separates that go way beyond basic (like, way, way beyond). 

With our experience working with plus size bodies (including my own), you can feel confident knowing that the fit will be designed with your shape and size in mind. Isn’t it about time your clothes have the personality to match yours?

A Message from Tamara

I heard you should create what you want to see in the world, and I’m doing just that. For too long I was afraid to truly embrace my body and my size. I was drained from constantly fighting myself and attempting to live up to imaginary standards. One morning I asked myself “what if I were to love myself exactly the way that I am today?” That one question changed my entire perspective.

I no longer allowed cultural conditioning and social programming to dictate the standard of beauty in my life, and instead I poured that energy into creating something I find beautiful, which manifested in my self-named collection, Tamara Malas. I know many people can relate, so I hope these unique designs, born from my feelings of self love, provide the possibility to make a difference, even in the smallest way.

Where the Magic Happens

The collection is ethically produced in New York City at a factory that creates runway-level clothing for high-end designers. Surpassing trends, the quality that sets us apart begins with the absolute best materials like handmade Bolivian knits, Japanese cottons, and other luxurious fabrics that are typically impossible to find in plus size fashion.

Meet Sher

Sher was adopted in Chicago, while her mommy was in school there. Her given name was Sherlyn, but Sher stuck. Sher loves apples, especially that crunchy sound when you cut or bite into one. She spends her days napping but loves to travel.  In a recent interview when asked what she finds inspiring, Sher barked “I love people, maybe too much! If you’re furry, I’m pretty friendly unless you’re cuter than me. And oh ya… did I mention my sincere passion for belly rubs?”